promoting  youth development, cultural  diversity,  &  community  wellness

Utilizing grassroots methods to engage the community, MCCMF strives to deliver quality educational services, programs, and events that not only develop our youth and celebrate their diverse cultures, but also strengthen our community's health and wellness. 

March 2012 – Community Youth Garden established at Stephen M. White Middle School.


March 2013 – MCCMF establishes Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status.


July 2013 – First MCCMF Board of Directors named 

Gardening, Nutrition, Music & Dance, Visual Arts, & Cultural Events

Youth Development, Cultural Diversity & Community Wellness For All

501(c)3 non-profit

June 2014 – First Garden Market Fair

August 2014 – Bayani Coalition "Fine Arts With A Heart" Established

May 2017– TeachMe.Foundation Established

Clarence Monteclaro, MD, MBA

Founding President

Our community's integrity and fabric for change depends wholly upon the leadership among our youth, the diverse cultures they cultivate, and the overall health of our community's least privileged persons.    

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